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Who I look for when hiring:

The industry is made up of either gifted techies or smart generalists -- The people who were bored with high school -- the sort of people the teacher was always telling, "Now, ...you could get A's if you really wanted to. Why don't you apply yourself?"  Look for these people -- the talented generalists They're good as project and product managers.

--Douglas Copeland, Microserfs

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Good enough for the morning is not good enough for the afternoon
The scholar was pointing at the shadowy figure of a peasant leading a donkey homeward at twilight. The man's feet were wrapped in sackcloth, and the mud had caked about them so that he seemed scarcely able to lift them. But he trudged ahead one slogging step after another, resting half a second between footfalls. He seemed too weary to scrape off the mud.
"He doesn't ride the donkey," Thon Taddeo stated, "because this morning the donkey was loaded down with corn. It doesn't occur to him that the packs are empty now. A what is good enough for the morning is also good enough for the afternoon."  -  A Canticle for Leibowitz, Walter M. Miller, Jr.
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